65/90/65 Shore A Triple Duro Squeegee By Roll

65/90/65 Shore A Triple Duro Squeegee By Roll

Our PU squeegee is solvent resistant, easy-grind, good-resilient, sharp bladed, small expansion and long life. It is widely used in screen printing industry, Photovoltaic solar panel, electronic circuit board, CD/DVD and other aspects of hand and machine printing industry.

Product Details

65/90/65 Shore A Triple Duro Squeegee by Roll

Product Description:

65/90/65 Shore A Triple Duro Squeegee by Roll are generally made of Polyurethane. This is mainly a mixture of Disocyanate and Polyols. The squeegee range covers the full breadth of screen printing applications.

Technical Data:


FlatBevel, V Sharp


35A-50A, 55A, 60A, 65A, 70A, 75A, 80A, 85A, 90A-95A.

Regular Size:

50x9mm,50x10mm,35x7mm, 25mm x 9mm,35mm x 7mm,50 x 7mm, 35 x 5mm ,etc

Standard Length:

3.66M or 4.00M/Roll


Red, yellow, green, blue, brown ,red, etc

MOQ:trial order

2 Rolls


Squeegee Sharp Type:


Application of Squeegee Rubber:


What is the main Feature of Screen Printing Squeegee Rubber Scraper?

1.Our squeegee made of  special polyurethane elastomer have the following advantages.
2.High abrasion resistance and tear resistant better elasticty resulting in prints of  uniformly high quality material.
3.Excellent  resistance and minimum swell to a wide range of pastes,inlss and solvents.
4.Precisely finished edge.
5.Huper solvent resistance. 
6.Long service life.


The factors that need to be taken into consideration for selecting the appropriate performance of the scraper :


the blade edge: the knife edge is an important part of the four functions of the finished rubber scraper. The sharpness of the scraping is a factor in the initial control of the amount of ink. Sharp scrapers provide the smallest amount of ink and the finest image. The blunt and round edge of the blade increases the amount of ink and affects the fineness of color and lines. In printing large area and simple pattern with transparent oil, the change of color and line fineness is not obvious. When printing fine lines and four color dots, you can quickly find the deformation of the knife edge by translucent (UV) and transparent ink. Compare the first and the last one, and determine when to polish the glue. The selection of the rubber wiper is an important part of the printing quality control, and the maintenance of the scraping is also an important link to ensure the normal use of the scraping. The best way to guarantee the quality of the scraping is to clarify the maintenance of before and after the printing and how to scrape the glue through a clear process.





3-10 days after confirm order

ship by TNT, DHL, by sea or by air


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