China Good Quality Polyurethane & PU Squeegee For Printing Screen

China Good Quality Polyurethane & PU Squeegee For Printing Screen

Polyurethane Rubber Squeegee for Printing Screen are generally made of Polyurethane. This is mainly a mixture of Disocyanate and Polyols. The squeegee range covers the full breadth of screen printing applications.
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Product Details

Product Description:

Frictioning, is a rubber strip for screen printing process, generally known as the squeegee.


Most of the PU material or natural rubber(polyurethane), according to the requirements of precision characteristics, printing screen printing of printed patterns and different printing methods, can choose different hardness(durometer) and different section shapes frictioning.

刮胶的硬度特指其表面的硬度。常以邵氏硬度表示, 有:55度、60度、65度、70度、75度、80度、85度。截面形状一般有直角型、尖角型和圆弧型等几种。详细规格有:50*9mm ,55*9mm,45*9mm,50*7mm,45*7mm,40*7mm,55*5mm,50*5mm,45*5mm,40*5mm,35*5mm,25*5mm等等。


Made of PU material frictioning, more wear-resistant and practical, use for a long time, but the printing effect is more general, but because of its no flexibility, long-term use will wear belt printing machine. Made of natural rubber coating(polyurethane), good elasticity, strong permeability, good printing effect, very little damage on the conduction, but do not wear, short service time.

Technical Data:


FlatBevel, V Sharp


35A-50A, 55A, 60A, 65A, 70A, 75A, 80A, 85A, 90A-95A.

Regular Size:

50x9mm,50x10mm,35x7mm, 25mm x 9mm,45 x 9mm,50 x 5mm,35 x 5mm, 50 x 7mmetc

Standard Length:

3.66M or 4.00M/Roll


Red, yellow, green, blue, brown ,red, etc


10 Rolls

Squeegee Sharp Type:

35*5MM Green 75 Shore Polyurethane Rubber Squeegee for Printing Screen

Application of Squeegee Rubber:

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Product Show:

red sque.jpg

Packing and Shipping:


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