Polyurethane Screen Printing Squeegees Blade With Different Shapes

Polyurethane Screen Printing Squeegees Blade With Different Shapes

Screen Printing Squeegee Blde include Flat Shaped, V sharp shape, and round shapes .with 55-95 durometer hardnesss. colourful
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Product Details

Polyurethane Screen Printing Squeegees Blade with Different Shapes

Technical Data:


FlatBevel, V Sharp


35A-50A, 55A, 60A, 65A, 70A, 75A, 80A, 85A, 90A-95A.

Regular Size:

50x9mm,50x10mm,35x7mm, 25mm x 9mm,35mm x 7mm,50 x 7mm, 35 x 5mm ,etc

Standard Length:

3.66M or 4.00M/Roll


Red, yellow, green, blue, brown ,red, etc

MOQ:trial order

2 Rolls


Squeegee Sharp Type:

Polyurethane Screen Printing Squeegees Blade with Different Shapes


Application of Squeegee Rubber:

Polyurethane Screen Printing Squeegees Blade with Different Shapes


What is the main Feature of Screen Printing Squeegee Rubber Scraper?

Frictioning is one of the material of screen printing ink to the substrate is coated on the main tool, frictioning directly related to the quality of the printing effect, while squeegees quality is mainly dependent on the coating hardness, solvent resistance and abrasive, the main material is polyurethane coating, is usually referred to the PU material.
Our squeegee is a combination with the development of polyurethane spreading good solvent type and abrasion type application, able to withstand a variety of screen printing industry. Industrial standard S1 is a common industry grade standard. It is an ideal choice for you to use or use common screen printing inks for non extreme wear.
1. good chemical resistant solvent.
2. good wear resistance.
3. excellent weatherability (temperature, humidity).
4. easy to grind.
5. independent packaging protection to avoid light and dust.
6. each scraper has a batch number and a serial number.
7. color coding, easy to identify.
Application scope:
All graphic printing.
Printed on or on a container.
Cell phone cover board.
Textile printing.
Use on manual or automatic machine equipment.
Electronic circuit board printing.
Conventional specifications: 3660*25*53660*50*9, special specifications can be customized.

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Polyurethane Screen Printing Squeegees Blade with Different Shapes

Customer Orders:

Polyurethane Screen Printing Squeegees Blade with Different Shapes


What's so important about screen printing squeegees?

Well, if you are a screen printer, this screen printing tool is what makes your decorating discipline of choice work. It is one of the most important tools, yet it may also be one of the least understood. Many screen printers wonder why there are so many different squeegee types, and they may not know how to choose the correct one for their needs.

Following are a few tips on what to look for:

Screen Printing Squeegee Handles: When screen printing manually, choose one that fits your hand comfortably.

Screen Printing Squeegee Blade shapes: There are three different types—square, round and V-shaped.

Square (straight edge) blades are most often used by screen printers. They work well for standard or regular ink applications.
Round (ball nose) squeegee blades deposit more ink. Use this type for special effects inks such as gel or puff.
V-shaped (single- or double-bevel) blades are typically used for printing on irregular or cylindrical-shaped substrates.
Durometer: Denotes the hardness of the blades.

A50-60 durometer is soft blade that will deposit more ink. Choose this durometer for heavily-textured fabrics to lay down more ink (may help with fibrillation) or for use with special effects inks, such as gels and puffs.
A 60-75 durometer designation ranks medium on the hardness scale. It is good for general printing.
The hardest option is an 80 durometer blade. It will deposit less ink and is great for printing fine detail or four-color process prints.


What is the right squeegee size in relation to the size of the image?

Use a squeegee that not only covers the image entirely, but overlaps it by a good margin—at least an inch or so. If the squeegee is not wide enough, the edges of the image may come out blurred or smudged. This is due to the fact that most of the pressure exerted in printing is focused more toward the center of the print rather than the outer edges

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