Silk Screen Squeegee

Silk Screen Squeegee

Product Description:

Product Details

Product Description:

Standard hardness

Soft        45-65 ShoreA   red or coffee        Suitable for the low mesh screen cloth,low viscosity ink,irregular                                                                             surface of the printing 

Medium  70-75 ShoreA   green or coffee   Suitable for various of mesh screen cloth,various of ink and various                                                                        of the prints

Hard       80-85 ShoreA   blue or coffee


Super hard  90-95ShoreA   white         Suitable for high pressure,high viscosity ink,the fine print of the printing 

Other hardness or colors are available on request.

Standard size:1MM--4000MM   Width:3--500MM   Thickness:1--20MM

Specifical size is available on request.

Mark:ink jet marking on blade quality size and hardness shoreA ect.







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